Featured Data
Featured Data
• Special data sets of the seas around China
•  GOCI data sets
•  Western Pacific-Indian Ocean data sets
•  Global data sets
1. Special datasets of seas around China
These datasets include products from the GF-4 and HY-1B satellites. Data were produced using the SOED atmospheric correction and water constituent inversion algorithms, e.g., pCO2.
2. GOCI datasets
The SOED produced normalized water-leaving radiance and surface suspended matter concentration products in coastal regions based on SOED atmospheric correction and inversion algorithms.
3. Western Pacific-Indian Ocean datasets
The SOED produced surface suspended matter concentration, chlorophyll concentration, and seawater transparency products for the eastern Indian Ocean, western Pacific Ocean, and the South China Sea using SOED inversion algorithms.
4. Global datasets
The SOED produced global sea surface CDOM absorption coefficients, backscattering coefficients, and seawater transparency products using SOED inversion algorithms.