Teaching Video
  • 1. Load Data

    Introduction:By connecting to the massive database of the SOED data center, SatCO2 can access remote sensing, model simulation, and in-situ datasets, as well as display accessed data in a 3D sphere Users can also load their own datasets into SatCO2 for further analysis This video shows how to load data from the SOED database as well as local user data (including remote sensing data in NetCDF, TIF, and HDF format, and in-situ data in CSV format) 【Unfold】

  • 2. Image Display

    Introduction:SatCO2 can display the loaded data in a 3D geosphere, and also supports user-defined display modes, including: 1) custom color bar; 2) overlay display and image transparency settings; 3) 3D sphere visualization and flight view; and, 4) spatial geographic inf... 【Unfold】

  • 3. Data Analysis

    Introduction:SatCO2 can perform statistical analysis of selected points, lines, and areas from the currently active layer Users can also conduct time-series analysis for the selected points, lines, and areas by accessing the SOED data center database with a user-defined... 【Unfold】

  • 4. User-Defined Algorithms

    Introduction:SatCO2 can carry out a variety of user-defined calculations on remote sensing data, including: 1) convenient algorithm coding with a click of the mouse, and visualization of newly generated remote sensing products; 2) easy gridding for in-situ or remote sens... 【Unfold】

  • 5. Data Comparison

    Introduction:SatCO2 can conduct multiple data comparison analyses, including: 1) use of in-situ data to verify remote sensing products by their matchups; and, 2) comparison between remote sensing data in selected areas This video introduces the data comparison functions of SatCO2, including two sub-modules: i e , Satellite vs in-situ data comparison and Satellite vs satellite data comparison 【Unfold】

  • 6.Thematic Application Module

    Introduction:SatCO2 can be used to calculate air-sea CO2 flux based on remote sensing or in-situ data, including: 1) calculation of air-sea CO2 flux based on remote sensing data (default or user-defined algorithms); 2) calculation of air-sea CO2 flux based on in-situ d... 【Unfold】