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Argo Data Center
China Argo Real-time Data Cnter
Under support from the Basic Research Department of MOST, the Science Technology Department of SOA, the Foreign Affairs Cooperation Department of SOA, the Second Institute of Oceanography (SOA), and the Key Laboratory of Ocean Dynamic Processes and Satellite Oceanography (SOA), on April 5,2002, China Argo Real-Time Data Center Website was set up in Hangzhou, China. It was expected that this web could extend the influence of China Argo Project, to link up the International Argo Project Organization and Countries, and promote the Argo data for public share.
In pace with the China Argo Project steady developing and the China Argo Data Center being founded, China Argo Data Real-Time Center has conducted the tasks of Argo floats deploying, real-time data receiving and processing, data quality control methods/ways research and developing, and fast delivering the data to Argo-related institutions/users and agencies. Undoubtedly, China Argo Real-Time Data Center is the main part of China Argo Center.