Rayleigh LUT
General Purpose Exact Rayleigh Scattering Lookup Table
         At present, the accurate Rayleigh scattering calculation of ocean color remote sensing is usually carried out by means of lookup tables, but because these lookup tables are generated for specific remote sensors, it is difficult to directly apply them to new ocean color remote sensors. To this end, we use the ocean-atmosphere coupled vector radiation transfer model PCOART to generate a general accurate Rayleigh scattering lookup table. Comparison with SeaDAS accurate Rayleigh scattering lookup table results shows that the accuracy of this general lookup table is better than 0.5%. This general lookup table can be used for accurate Rayleigh scattering calculations for all ocean color remote sensors. In addition, the applicable range of this lookup table is that the Rayleigh scattering optical thickness is less than 0.4.
        To use this lookup table, please cite the following papers:
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