Version History
Version History
1.    Public beta version
The public beta versions (i.e., V1.0 and V2.0) of SatCO2 were released in December 2016 and 2017 during the first and second “Marine Carbon from Space (SatCO2): Joint Science Workshop and Training” seminars, respectively.
2.    SatCO2 V1.0
The formal version of SatCO2 V1.0 was officially released on 23 November 2018, with greatly improved functions and online data processing capabilities. We welcome collaborators to help develop and launch new co-author cited datasets and new application modules.

3.    SatCO2 V1.01
Updated: April 2019
This new version contains additional data types as well as bug resolutions and improvements.
1) Dataset update. Sea ice concentration data from the Arctic Ocean and sea surface geostrophic current data have been added. Geostationary Ocean-Color Imager (GOCI)-derived TSM datasets for four regions, i.e., Zhejiang Coast (ZJC), Taiwan Strait (TWS), South Korea Coast (SKC), and North Yellow Sea East Bank (NYS)) have been added.
2) Customized remote sensing data rendering. In the Color bar setting-Classified rendering function, users can add or modify the mapping formula by clicking Edit Mapping.
3) Increase in offline mode abilities. Several SatCO2 functions can also be used when the database is not connected.
4) Problem fixing and improvements include the loading of NASA data and acceleration of matchup between remote sensing and in-situ data. In addition, the problem whereby the ribbon did not update after changing the rendering mode has been fixed. Furthermore, the remote sensing data query logic has been optimized and the identification of invalid values of local data has been solved.

4.    SatCO2 V1.02
Updated: October 2019
1)Database schema updated, users of older versions is recommended to update to SatCO2-1.0.2;
2)Improved parameter correlation logic during data retrieval;
3)Add timescale options to budget calculation;
4)Minor bug fixed and enhancements;