Data Name Definition
Data Name
The name format of the data file in this system follows:
Creator_Satellite_Sensor_Time range_Level_Region_Spatial resolution_Parameter_ Algorithm/version
Example 1: Orbit data
The above file name can be defined as follows:
“SIO”, produced by the Second Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources; “HY1B_COCTS”, raw data comes from COCTS sensor on the HY-1B satellite’ “20110111003600”, image was photographed at 00:36 am (GMT) on 11 January 2011. “L3A”, product level is L3A; “NODEF”, product is single orbit data from varying regions; “1KM”, spatial resolution is 1 km; “SDD, product category is seawater transparency; “HE2018”, algorithm was proposed by He et al. (year) and the version is 2018.
Example 2: Daily or monthly data
The above file name can be defined as follows:
“NASA”, data comes from NASA; “SNPP_VIIRS”, original data comes from the VIIRS sensor on the SNPP satellite; “20130401TO20130430”, imaging time ranges from 1–30 April 2013, and product is monthly averaged data; “L3B”, product level is L3B; “GLOBAL”, global coverage; “9KM”, spatial resolution is 9 km; “RRS443”, product category is 443-nm band remote sensing reflectance; “V2017”, data version is 2017.

The main index fields and their meanings are as follows:

1. Creator
Creator Full Name
CMEMS Copernicus marine Environment Monitoring Service
BEC SMOS Barcelona Expert Center, ESA
ESA European Space Agency
ESACCI Climate Change Initiative, European Space Agency
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration, U.S.
NCEP National Centers for Environmental Prediction, NOAA
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S.
OBPG Ocean Biology Processing Group, NASA
OSU Oregon State University
RSS Remote Sensing System
SIO Second Institute of Oceanography, MNR, China

2. Region
Region Full Name
AER Asian and Europe Region
BOH Bohai Sea
CJE Changjiang River Estuary
EAMS East Asian Marginal Seas
EAMSL East Asian Marginal Seas
EIO East Indian Ocean
GLOBAL Global oceans
NODEF Orbit Data
NYS North Yellow Sea
PACIND Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean
SCS South China Sea
SKC South Korea Coast
WPO West Pacific Ocean
TWS Taiwan Strait
ZJC Zhejiang Coast

3. Satellite and Sensor
Satellite Sensor Full Name/Note
Aqua MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
Aquarius Aquarius NASA's 'Salt of the Earth' Aquarius
COMS GOCI Communication, Ocean and Meteorological Satellite, Geostationary Ocean Color Imager
GF4 CCD GaoFen-4, Charge-Coupled Device
HY1B COCTS Haiyang-1B, Chinese Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner
MERGE MERGE Derived from Multi-satellites/sensors
MODEL MODEL Derived from numerical model
MODIS MODIS The same as Aqua_MODIS
NOAA AVHRR Advanced Very High-Resolution Radiometer
SeaWiFS SeaWiFS Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor
SMAP SMAP Soil Moisture Active Passive
SMOS SMOS Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity
SNPP VIIRS Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership, Visible and Infrared Imager/Radiometer Suite

4. Product Level
L3A Single Orbit Data
L3B Composite data from multiple orbit data

Parameter Full Name Unit
ACD Absorption coefficient of the Colored Dissolved Organic Matter and detritus at 443nm m-1
ACP Atmospheric pCO2 μatm
CHL Chlorophyll-a mg/m3
CP Coefficient of Attenuation Particle m-1
CPOM Coefficient of Attenuation Organic Particle m-1
DSW The Total Days of Disastrous wave count
HUM Relative Humidity %
KD3 Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient at 490nm m-1
LWN412 Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance at 412nm mW/cm2/μm/Sr
LWN443 Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance at 443nm mW/cm2/μm/Sr
LWN490 Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance at 490nm mW/cm2/μm/Sr
LWN519 Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance at 519nm mW/cm2/μm/Sr
LWN520 Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance at 520nm mW/cm2/μm/Sr
LWN550 Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance at 550nm mW/cm2/μm/Sr
LWN565 Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance at 565nm mW/cm2/μm/Sr
LWN628 Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance at 628nm mW/cm2/μm/Sr
LWN670 Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance at 670nm mW/cm2/μm/Sr
LWN769 Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance at 769nm mW/cm2/μm/Sr
MLD Mixed Layer Thickness/Depth m
NAP Non-Algal Particle m-1
NPP Net primary Production mg C/m2/day
PAR Photosynthetically Active Radiation Einstein/ m2/d
PIC Sea Surface Particle Inorganic Carbon mol/m3
POC Sea Surface Particle Organic Carbon mg/m3
PRESS Mean Sea Level Pressure Pa
RRS410 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 410nm sr-1
RRS412 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 412nm sr-1
RRS443 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 443nm sr-1
RRS469 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 469nm sr-1
RRS486 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 486nm sr-1
RRS488 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 488nm sr-1
RRS490 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 490nm sr-1
RRS510 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 510nm sr-1
RRS531 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 531nm sr-1
RRS547 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 547nm sr-1
RRS551 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 551nm sr-1
RRS555 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 555nm sr-1
RRS645 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 645nm sr-1
RRS667 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 667nm sr-1
RRS670 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 670nm sr-1
RRS671 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 671nm sr-1
RRS678 Remote Sensing Reflectance at 678nm sr-1
SDD Secchi Disk Depth m
SIC Sea Ice Concentration %
SLA Sea Level Anomaly m
SSC Suspended Particulate Matter Concentration mg/L
SSS Sea Surface Salinity psu
SST Sea Surface Temperature
SSW Sea Surface Wind Field m/s
SWH Significant Wave Height m
TAU Aerosol Optical Thickness -
TSM Total Suspended Matter mg/L
VIS Visibility at Sea Surface km
WCP Aquatic pCO2 μatm