Software Startup
Q How to adjust the display scale 【Unfold】
1) Right-click a blank area on the desktop and click Display Settings.
2) Adjust the display zoom percentage of the size of the text to 100%

Q How to check whether your computer is installed with discrete graphics card 【Unfold】
1) Right-click “My computer/Computer” and left-click “Properties”.
2) Left-click “Device Manager”.
3) Left-click “Display adapters”, if “AMD” or “NVIDIA” is shown, then the computer has a discrete graphics card; if only “Intel” is shown, the computer does not have a discrete graphics card.
4) For high-resolution display, please adjust the display zoom percentage to 100% for a better user experience.

Q SatCO2.exe has stopped working 【Unfold】
Update discrete graphics card for your laptop

SatCO2 needs to be installed and operated on a user’s own computer. If the computer does not have a discrete graphics card, the system may run but some functions may not be available (e..g., in-situ data display and symbolization), or the entire system may not run.

Q File Loss :api-ms-xxx-xxx.dll 【Unfold】
Update the Windows system

Tutorial for Update Win7

Tutorial for Update Win8

Due to the number of patch files, it may need to be updated a number of times.